EverFast Global Logistics Pvt Ltd

Everfast Global Logistics specializes in the integrated approach across the supply chain, from sourcing of raw materials through product manufacturing to the distribution of finished goods. Everfast Global Logistics has been pioneering in the field of logistics since its inception and we have added a feather to our cap by adding Container liner services. We have been focusing on building up stronger resources and converting into larger customer base. From many years, we have set the standard in international freight forwarding. We deliver a solution that includes not only air, ocean, customs brokerage and complete logistics capabilities but we also offer our exclusive container. We offer numerous styles of intermodal (cargo) container liners capable of transporting any Specific bulk liner sizes conform to any corresponding intermodal shipping container for cargo transport; however, the most common sizes are for standard 20 foot and 40 foot export containers. We can offer any size container liner desired by the customer. Our shipping container dry bulk liners are used in many industries to store and transport chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products.

Ever since our inception, we have always worked with our Customers in complete understanding of your needs and tailoring our services to deliver Safe & Timely Delivery of shipments. Our success and Growth stems from the fact that we never take our customer requirements lightly. The moment a shipment is booked, we start our planning process based on how best we can complete it within the shortest frame of time, economical to the Customer and Most important Safety of Shipment.

Everfast Global Logistics special division of container lines specializes in leasing and renting of fabricated high quality and custom-made container liners for transport of dry bulk products in standard ISO containers. Our liners are inspected under highly clean conditions, from strong, durable; food-grade co-extruded virgin polyethylene film and other grade container liners to suit any type of Cargo. We take care of we offer you High Tech Container liners inlets. Our liners can be used for packaging of any kind of dry bulk materials like, Petrochemicals, Wheat, Rice, Coffee, Fertilizers, Malt, Oilseeds, Pulses, Sugar, Urea, Soda Ash, etc. These liners substantially reduce your packaging and handling costs and at the same time provide you with a safe and clean packaging.